Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm a fully integrated/360/tradigital/ or whatever the most recent descriptor of my skill set is, Creative Director/Copywriter.

I have experience on everything from pitches (doing the work that wins pitches), to brand voice development, campaign work or straight up social content. For domestic and global markets.

My heart lies in messing with the medium, being nimble, actually writing, ideas over tactics, and playing well with others. 

I'm interested in working with agencies, but also exploring where my skills can be put to use on the brand side, in media, or any other new form of creative company. 

Legal to work in US on Green Card (finally!) but Canadian by birth. Happy to take on jobs in *Toronno or Montreal as well. 

Status up to date at: workingnotworking.com/michyspids
Stats up to date on my resume.


*Hi Americans! Toronno isn't a typo. It's how us Torontonians can tell the locals from the outsiders. Also acceptable: Turanna. Trono.